Terms and Conditions

I am Genki Nakanowatari, the owner of Bitcoin Music. I produce all music posted in Bitcoin Music.

To YouTubers and creators. Music here is free to use for non-commercial use. If you enter zero for the price, you can download it for free. To download, you can either create an free account with my site or use guest checkout. Even if you use guest checkout, you still need to enter your name, location, and email address. (Privacy Policy is here.) For commercial use, please pay any amount other than zero.

Crediting “Music Provided by Genki Nakanowatari (https://genkinakanowatari.com)” is mandatory in both non-commercial and commercial cases. Note that the link https://genkinakanowatari.com must be clickable. If there is a reason you cannot credit me, please contact me personally, and you can purchase the “crediting-waiving license”.

My music is registered to YouTube Content ID, so if you use my music on your YouTube videos, you will get a copyright claim regardless of whether you are using the music non-commercially or commercially, because this is an automatic process by the AI. Getting a copyright claim is not the end of the world, you simply lose access to monetize your videos, and this is normal because you are not supposed to make money off your YouTube video anyways. However, if you paid to use the music commercially, then you can submit a dispute against the copyright claim. Please send me your purchase information so that I can cross-check your payment, and release the claim once confirmed.

Above rule does not apply for music artists wanting to use my music commercially. If you are a music artist wanting to use my music commercially, you must lease my beat from my Airbit Page here, and furthermore, there is no crediting-waiving license available for music artists:


My Music Usage FAQ: https://genkimusicenglish.wordpress.com/faq/

When sending Bitcoin, send the exact amount, otherwise I cannot recognize your payment and cannot do anything about it, so please be careful.

Due to the nature of my intangible products and a medium of payment I use, in general, my stance is that I do not perform refunds. Thank you for your understanding. However, in cases when you absolutely need a refund, I will work with you on a case-by-case basis up to 14 days after purchase, so contact me through the contact form. Note that refunding means “losing usage access to our music commercially”.